How do you f###ing pronounce that?


Photo taken in Venice - California

After working for over 10 years in digital agencies with multiple talents, I gained a lot of experience in concepting, designing and developing good ideas to create beautiful and powerful campaigns. Winning awards is a satisfying recognition; I have earned many over the years but making sure that our digital products and end-user journey is well-thought-out and properly executed is priceless.

Today, I’m working as the Technical Director at the Wonderful Company, where I'm involved in the marketing and brand strategy for multiple clients which represents 35+ websites.

I have been asked to work for:

20th Century Fox - Perrier - Nissan - Sony - McDonald's - Wonderful Pistachios - Lancôme - Warner Bros - FIJI Water - FX - Jean Paul Gaulthier - Dreamworks - Activision - USA Network - Citroën - Renault - Diesel - Cacharel

Our team efforts got
rewarded with:
  • - Destroy's Ernie Evidence : 2 x Gold W3 Awards Website
  • - Perrier Secret Place : 4 x Cannes Lion, with one in gold
  • - Perrier Secret Place : FWA Site of the Month
  • - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes : FWA Site of the Day
  • - Colony : FWA Mobile of the Day
  • - Colony : Awwwards Developer Award
  • - Moments before Dawn : FWA Site of the Day
  • - The Naughty Christmas : FWA Site of the Day
  • - Gozu Portfolio Awwwards Site of the Day
  • - Gozu Portfolio Awwwards Site of the Month Nominee
  • - Etc...

Photo taken in Sydney - Australia