Destroy Ernie's

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Wonderful Pistachios are America’s best-selling snack nut and the smart, healthy choice for folks around the world.


Wonderful Agency


The marketing campaigns from the Wonderful Pistachios are known for having a good sense of humor and the budget to back up their claims. After reading the script of Ernie’s commercials featuring John Cena and Richard Sherman, we knew we had everything needed to create a memorable digital campaign. Our team wanted to design an engaging experience so we came up with eight chapters and fabulous prizes spread out every two weeks.


Conceiving digital games was something relatively new among some creatives. I naturally led the conversation to ensure we were considering the different characteristics of a good game: clear objectives and instructions, no early elimination, tension, chances of winning, interactivity, audio, etc. I came up with the auto-correct, Guitar Hero, combination cracking and elevator game.

With the help of one talented freelancer, we built this responsive site and the different games with Pixi in a few months. The challenge was to work against the clock. Indeed, while Chapter 2 was live we were still working on Game 5. Fortunately, we made smart decisions in designing and developing reusable interfaces: chapter intro, game intro, game failed, game succeeded.

Increasing our social media presence was one of the key factors. We made the bold decision to ask users to login with Facebook Connect in order to interact with the site. With this great database, I built a script to automatically announce new chapters via Facebook notifications. At the time, there was a 30,000-notification limit per day but we had over 250k registered players. During the campaign, we also integrated personalized content from Facebook into the games.