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FIJI Water is the number-one premium imported bottled water in the U.S. with over $500MM in revenue. One rapidly growing portion of the FIJI Water business is online, direct-to-consumer Home Delivery.


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FIJI Water had two separate consumer-facing websites: brand & home delivery.

Not having a omni-channel shopping experience results in a disjointed experience for consumers who are looking to learn more about the brand and purchase FIJI Water online.

Aside from the high bounce rate, having two different websites diminishes the digital strategy efforts (SEO, social media advertising, email marketing, etc.)

Brand site

E-commerce site


Create a new website that bridges the gap between the brand and home delivery sites. This new website intents to provide a seamless, highly engaging experience for consumers.


Before starting on this project, we needed to clearly identify an e-commerce solution that fulfilled the objectives and requirements of our brand managers. FIJI Water was on Symphony but it’s Shopify Plus (a modern solution with great documentation and a complete REST API) that truly piqued our interest. After agreeing on using this platform, we had to evaluate different ecommerce development firms, as our internal team was overloaded.

I was heavily involved in the wireframe and design phases to map out the features and content of each page. After numerous rounds of iterations and approval, we decided to move away from Gotham typography to Display Playfair and relied on beautiful imagery since the amount of skews is relatively low. Nonetheless, as the Technical Lead on this project, we were aiming for a fast and reliable experience; ecommerce first! I entered countless JIRA tickets to ensure that the site had a good Lighouse score. Even with lazy-loading techniques, responsive images and more, it’s difficult to obtain good results when your client wants to install applications to handle payments, subscriptions, discounts, loyalty programs, reviews, A/B testing, etc.

One of the biggest challenges of this project was data migration on an active website. We quickly realized that the Symphony system contained outdated, duplicated, or incorrect data. Remapping transactions and customers from one platform to another took longer than expected, and once data, fulfillment, SEO, analytics and redirects were in place, we had to synchronize the launch with the different stakeholders to keep downtime to a minimum. As expected, we had to deal with a few glitches and customer phone calls but after a slow start, the site is back on track, generating revenue. We are still analyzing and measuring the room of improvements.