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The Microfreaks are the Haas Brothers’ most recent project, and the result of an extraordinary collaboration with female artisans in Lost Hills

Each creature is beautifully handcrafted, signed and numbered. Retail price is $1500 with 30% of profits benefiting the rural community of Lost Hills in California’s Central Valley


Wonderful Agency

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Build online presence and brand awareness for these mini sculptures with a fast, responsive and reliable website to drive traffic to Sotheby's website.


This project was quite important for Lynda Resnick, the co-owner of the Wonderful Company because she successfully combined her passion for art and her commitment to the community of Lost Hills. Unfortunately, the conception of this website was rushed and got approved without the consent of my departement. That resulted in a very long one page and even longer email which is not ideal for performance, SEO, and user experience.

Given the universe of the Haas Brothers, we had to build something unique. I worked closely with the art director on this project to add some animations, which helped to give life to the site. This site has been built with Next.js, is PWA-friendly and has a PageSpeed score of 99 for desktop and 80 for mobile last time I checked. This project also gave us the opportunity to create our internal “Wonderful Web Components” leveraging Storybook.