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POM is the world’s largest integrated producer of Wonderful variety pomegranates, renowned for their unique combination of ruby-red color, delicious taste and antioxidants.


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Pom Wonderful’s website was too traditional and bland; the brand wanted to refresh the look and feel of their site to match with their iconic bottle and edgy commercials.

After working with our consumer insights departement on a content strategy, we decided to highlight the potential health benefits of Pom, the different ways of using this product in cuisine with recipes from world-known chefs and last but not least, we retraced the presence of Pomegranate in Arts from Mesopotamia to the Renaissance to modern-day California

Old brand site


I have been involved in the redesign of the Pom Wonderful’s website from the start. The challenge of this project was that the client wanted something fast and cheap, while creatives insisted on having a good looking website with angled edges. The project management triangle was not respected.

After evaluating different vendors, we quickly realized that they couldn't deliver a cross-browser solution. At the time, this technique was not well supported and we couldn’t go back with straight angles. Fortunately, the last agency solved the situation with WebGL, React and three developers on the project.

We successfully launched the entire site on time, but a lot of shortcuts were made, which ultimately resulted in a very high bounce rate and a few memory leaks. Lately, I have been asked to work on numerous features to improve the performance of the site: refactor loading strategy, removing preloader, lazy-loading images, upgrading project from Webpack 2.0 to 4.0 and Babel 8, adding a sitemap, content hydration for SEO, adding global search, writing scripts to optimize images, removing custom scroll for native scrolling, building Worry Monster and Dolphin campaigns, etc. These efforts have been rewarded with positive feedback and a much better user experience